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Canal Archive: Maps of the Canals

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Old maps of waterways and docks.

These maps show the waterways and docks of the North West and beyond from the mid 1800s to 1946. Click on each map for a closer view.

Manchester, Trafford and Salford from 1896.

The map to the right shows Salford, Trafford and parts of Manchester from just after the Manchester Ship Canal's construction.

Salford, Trafford and Manchester 1896

The Manchester Ship Canal from 1954

Manchester Ship Canal from 1954

This map shows the entire route of the Manchester Ship Canal as it was in 1954. Inset into the map are a small plan of Manchester docks, a plan of the industrial areas the port served and cross sections of the docks and cranes.

Manchester docks.

Port of Manchester 1902 Port of Manchester 1921 Port of Manchester 1933

The maps above show how Manchester docks evolved in the first part of the 20th Century. The maps are from 1902, 1921 and 1933.

Trafford Park.

Trafford Park 1897 Trafford Park 1920
Trafford Park 1939 Trafford Park 1946

These maps show how Trafford Park changed from a leafy country estate to a centre of industry. The maps show 1897, 1920, 1939, 1946.

Runcorn and the Mersey.

Runcorn Docks 1862
River Mersey 1863

These maps show the Bridgewater Canal's Runcorn dock from 1862 and the Mersey estuary from 1863.

The wider transport network.

Transport network to London- c1850s NW regional transport network- c1850s

These two maps show the transport network to London and the North West regional network c1850.