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Advert for the Manchester Ship Canal

Advert for the Manchester Ship Canal

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T1683. This wonderfully illustrated advert details the statistics of the Manchester Ship Canal and the Manchester and Salford Docks. It was produced while the Ship Canal was under construction, as it shows the section at Ellesmere Port and Saltport open for traffic, with the rest of the Canal described as being 'open to Manchester early in 1894'. The Ellesmere Port section was opened in 1891.
ContributorMrs Elsie Mullineux
Creatorattribution - H Watkinson & Co., Engravers, Manchester
Datecreation - Circa 1892
TypeAdvertisements - Journal Advert
Formatdimension.H - 213mm
dimension.W - 411mm
SourceSalford City Archive / The Frank Mullineux Collection
CoverageLocation.Creation Site - Manchester