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Acknowledgement Letter from Rowntree for Order

Acknowledgement Letter from Rowntree for Order

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T1818. The visit of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra in 1905 to open the new No. 9 Dock required a great deal of preparation and planning. A letter had been sent out to the Rowntree Company and to Cadburys by G. Abrahams, Town Clerk of Stretford, asking for samples of souvenir tins of chocolate, to celebrate the occasion of the Royal Visit. A Representative from Rowntree had visited Mr Abrahams, with a sample of the tin Rowntree used. Following this there was misunderstanding about the number of tins on order from Stretford Urban District Council. The letter reads:

Dear Sir,
Royal Visit to Stretford
We beg to acknowledge with thanks receipt of your
favour of the 28th. inst. confirming the verbal in-
structions given to our representative on Tuesday, the
27th. inst. for 5,000 souvenir Tins of chocolates at 2d.
each, less 5% discount, carriage paid.
Your letter read 4,500, and we therefore wired you
as per copy enclosed. We have since received your
reply since received your
reply, as follows, 'five thousand is correct number,
Abrahams'. We are therefore proceeding to print
5,000 tins.
We have been fully going into the matter of the
suggested larger bevel to the lid and bottom of the
tin with the Tin Makers, but regret to say that this
is quite impossible without making new tools. We
find, however, that the lid can be 'domed' more than
the sample tin with we left with you, and we are therefore
doing this, as we feel sure that the tin will be improved thereby.

The letter continues on the reverse and goes on to say:

The ground colour of the tin will be altered to the light green tint, and the wording as per the particulars contained in your letter.
Thanking you for your esteemed commands,
We are,
Yours faithfully,
PublisherTrafford Metropolitan Borough Council
Creatorcorporatename - Rowntree & Co Ltd,.
Datecreation - 1905-06-29
TypeLetterheads - Pictorial lettersheets
Letter - Typed
Formatdimension.H - 262mm
dimension.W - 209mm
SourceTrafford Local Studies Centre
Relationpart of - 1905 Royal Visit Papers
Reply to - T1816
CoverageLocation.Creation Site - York
RightsThe ROWNTREE's name is reproduced with the kind permission of Soci't' des Produits Nestl' S.A.