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The Bridgewater Canal at Worsley

The Bridgewater Canal at Worsley

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T2863. The black and white fronted building in this photograph is the Packet House, an eighteenth century, Grade II listed structure. It was from the steps at the front of the house that those wishing to travel on the Bridgewater Canal would board their vessel, after buying their ticket at the Packet House ticket office. Passenger services started on the Canal in 1769 and by 1781 there was a daily service between Manchester and Worsley.
PublisherSalford City Council
Creatorpersonalname - R.Shuttleworth
Datecreation - 2003-09-30
TypePhotographs - Colour
Formatdimension.H - 100mm
dimension.W - 150mm
SourceSalford Local History Library
CoverageLocation.Creation Site - Packet House, Worsley (O.S. Ref: 374700, 400400)