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The Royal Visit to open No 9 Dock - Setting the Scene

On the 13th July 1905 King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra came to open the newly built Number 9 Dock at Manchester Docks.

For the people of Manchester and the surrounding region this was a very exciting day. The local Councils each organised the decorating of the processional route through their area. They also made it a special day for the school children and the elderly, by organising special treats for them. The ordinary person in the street did not miss out either, they were entertained by bands and street entertainers hired by the Councils to play in the local parks. The Urban District Council of Stretford had the docks situated on its Northern boundary. The Royal Procession passed through this area on its way from Manchester to the new dock. The visit by the King and Queen must have been a great day out for the public, but behind the scenes the Council had plenty to do, as the documents in the following exhibitions reveal!
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Steamer Passing the King and Queen in Royal Pavilion

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