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Chocolate Treat for the Children

Mr Abrahams, the Clerk to the Council had already begun to make enquiries into finding a suitable supplier for the tins of chocolate. On Thursday 22nd June he had written to Rowntree & Co Ltd of York and Cadbury Bros Limited of Bournville asking for prices and samples of their tins.

Both of the companies replied the following day, Friday 23rd June. Cadbury replied with a letter.

While Rowntree replied by telegram.

Due to the reply Mr Abrahams received from Cadbury, he felt obliged to discuss the matter with the rest of the Sub-Committee. He sent out a letter, on the 24th June, informing the Sub-Committee of the following

"It is very essential that the Committee's decision
should be given at this meeting for the ordering of
the chocolates, as the manufacturers state that
there is much risk of their duly completing the order
by reason of the length of time necessary to make
the tins."

He requested they all meet with him on Tuesday 27th June to decide who should be awarded with the contract for supplying the chocolates.

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Letter requesting prices and samples

Letter requesting prices and samples
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Reply from Cadbury

Reply from Cadbury
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Reply from Rowntree

Reply from Rowntree
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