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Bringing the Sea to Manchester - The Need for a 'Big Ditch': Contents

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1  Earlier Schemes  Through time various plans had been put forward for waterways to Manchester.

In 1721 an Act was passed in Parliament allowing the navigation of the River Mersey an...
2  The Need for a Ship Canal  In 1876 George Hicks, a member of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, wrote a letter to the Manchester Guardian, lamenting the state of the rivers Mersey and Irwell, having se...
3  A Ship Canal Champion Emerges  Supporters of a Manchester Ship Canal needed a leader. One emerged in the form of Daniel Adamson, the owner of an engineering business in Dukinfield.

Described by ...
4  The Battle Commences  In addition to raising funds, the Ship Canal promoters also had to ensure that they did not lose the momentum gained so far with support for the Project. Meetings were held in...
5  Success at Last!  The third Manchester Ship Canal Bill was deposited in November 1884. Opposition was still determined, but the promoters were gaining ground. The Bill was first passed in the H...