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The Royal Visit To Open No 9 Dock - Kiddies Got Choccies, Clerk Gets Headache: Contents

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1  Chocolate Treat for the Children  Mr Abrahams, the Clerk to the Council had already begun to make enquiries into finding a suitable supplier for the tins of chocolate. On Thursday 22nd June he had written to R...
2  The Companies Send Samples  The representatives of both the companies met with Mr Abrahams on Saturday 24th June, they brought along samples of tins for the Committee to look at. Later in the afternoon a...
3  Let's Get Down To Numbers  There was some confusion as to the number of tins of chocolate Rowntree should produce for the celebrations. It seems that when Mr Stabler visited the Mr Abrahams he had gone ...
4  The Order Is Completed  The order went ahead and the tins were produced. Early in July Rowntree prepared a telegram to inform Mr Abrahams that the tins were ready. ...
5  Can You Send Some More Tins Please  Mr Abrahams did have to ask Rowntree for an extra 200 tins of chocolate....