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Canal Archive: Bridging the Years

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Bridging the Years stories

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Title Description Length
Digging the Big Ditch
The construction of the Manchester Ship Canal was a huge undertaking. The cutting of such a significant waterway require... 8 pages
Bringing the Sea to Manchester - The Need for a 'Big Ditch'
Today the idea of digging a thirty-six mile long canal to link Manchester with the sea may seem a little strange. Howev... 5 pages
The Opening of the Manchester Ship Canal
After six years of construction, the opening of the Manchester Ship Canal deserved a huge celebration and those who came... 2 pages
Trafford Park - The Early Years
It is hard to imagine today but Trafford Park was once a green, tree-covered estate, complete with historic house, ornam... 9 pages
The Royal Visit to open No 9 Dock - Setting the Scene
On the 13th July 1905 King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra came to open the newly built Number 9 Dock at Manchester Docks... 1 pages
The Royal Visit To Open No 9 Dock - The Royal Procession
The City Council of Manchester had asked the owners of properties along the processional route from Victoria Station to ... 5 pages
The Royal Visit To Open No 9 Dock - Kiddies Got Choccies, Clerk Gets Headache
On the 27th June 1905 a Special Meeting of the General Purposes Committee of Stretford Urban District Council resolved "... 5 pages
The Bridgewater Canal - The Duke's Cut
Today canals are a common sight across the country, passing through towns and cities, popular for activities such as ple... 7 pages

... 0 pages